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Tax Science of Giving Part II

POSTED ON April 29th - POSTED IN trust, Gift Tax, IRS, taxable gifts

By William Beynon & John Walker - In Part 1 of this discussion, we looked at the tax nature of gifts.  We reviewed various types of assets to give and their taxable repercussions.  We defined a gift in taxable terms as giving[…]

Tax Science of Giving Part I

POSTED ON March 31st - POSTED IN Gift Tax, IRS, taxable gifts

By William Beynon & John Walker - As we speed through tax season, I have been a part of several discussions centering on gifts. Many of the families we work with routinely give and I think there is a special part of human nature that[…]

Delayed RMD, Tough Markets, and the Roth Conversion

By William Beynon & John Walker - As we all open a fresh calendar, many folks are looking at their resolutions and trying to lay out their plans for this year.  Plans for travel, philanthropy and home renovation projects are high on[…]

The Real Value of Advice

POSTED ON December 21st - POSTED IN Thinking About the Future, Family and Money, financial advice

By William Beynon & John Walker - I have had the pleasure of working with many colorful people and families. It would be impossible for me to ever give back as much as I have learned from the good folks I work with. Until very[…]

Why Do We Talk to Family About Money?

POSTED ON November 9th - POSTED IN Gold, Thinking About the Future, U.S. Dollar, CWA, gifts, Family and Money

By William Beynon & John Walker - Warren Buffett, the “Oracle of Omaha”, says “Gold gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to stand around guarding it.[…]

The Rant About Rentals!

POSTED ON October 11th - POSTED IN trustee, trust, rentals, property

By William Beynon & John Walker - The industry agrees that the best portfolios are diversified right? What does diversified mean to you? For most, it means a portfolio of securities like stocks and bonds. In an effort to mitigate[…]

What is a Trust?

POSTED ON August 31st - POSTED IN Grantor Retained Annuity Trust, beneficiary, trustee, trust

By William Beynon & John Walker - Recently John was in a financial planning session with a family where he recommended some trust and estate work. John laughed with his clients when they said, "if we trust our family why do we need a[…]

4 Planning Opportunities in Cyclical Volatility

By William Beynon & John Walker -  

End of Life Planning for Probate Estates

POSTED ON June 23rd - POSTED IN estate planning, John Walker, probate, end of life

By William Beynon & John Walker - In our last article, Incapacity, John Walker shared his personal experience of his parents needing to procure legal documents. The truth is, no matter your background or experience, it can feel[…]


POSTED ON May 10th - POSTED IN estate planning, incapacity, John Walker

By William Beynon & John Walker - As our company has grown over the years, we have added wonderful members to our CWA Family. Our advisors and operation team members work hard to provide exceptional service to our clients.