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Substitute Goods

POSTED ON December 20th - POSTED IN

By Zev Abraham - Freshman year in college is a seminal experience for many Americans fortunate enough to be able to afford it.  For most, it’s the first time living away from one’s parents and therefore experiencing[…]

Amazon: Tastes Great and Less Filling?

POSTED ON November 8th - POSTED IN

By Zev Abraham - If you read the financial press you frequently come across the debate of value versus growth investing. We are value investors.  The standard definition of a value investor is one who buys stocks[…]

Here's to You Mrs. Robinson

POSTED ON October 11th - POSTED IN Commodities

By Zev Abraham - Early in my career, during the dot com boom, I covered energy and chemical stocks for a large asset manager.   In those days everyone on Wall Street and in much of the rest of the country was[…]

Dental Companies Have Had Some Teeth Knocked Out

POSTED ON September 13th - POSTED IN Art of Valuation, Replacement Cost

By Zev Abraham - It’s good to be back in Naples after spending three weeks in the Northeast driving my teenage boys around to hockey showcases and then dropping them off at their respective schools which they chose[…]

Tool Time

POSTED ON August 16th - POSTED IN Thinking About the Future, technology

By Zev Abraham - Technology changing the world is nothing new.  Homo Sapiens (that’s us) have been doing it since cave man times.  Eons ago, the first man (and woman) learned how to make fire.  Fire not only cooked[…]