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You're a Heretic; No You're a Heretic

By Zev Abraham - Maybe it does not seem strange to others, but it seems odd to me that business schools do not teach financial and economic history. To the extent those subjects are taught, they generally take place[…]

Is the Trend Your Friend?

By Zev Abraham - “Prediction is hard. Especially about the future.” – Dr. Nils Bohr, the Father of Quantum Physics Investing is not easy and sometimes its thankless, even when you are correct. Last month we wrote[…]

Tool Time

POSTED ON August 16th - POSTED IN Thinking About the Future, technology

By Zev Abraham - Technology changing the world is nothing new. Homo Sapiens (that’s us) have been doing it since cave man times. Eons ago, the first man (and woman) learned how to make fire. Fire not only cooked[…]

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