Investment decisions, their genesis, and our thinking behind them.

Great Companies; Bad Prices

By Zev Abraham - Great Teams There have been many great sports teams over the past hundred years. Some have been dominant for stretches of ten years or more. In North American professional sports, the New York[…]

You're a Heretic; No You're a Heretic

By Zev Abraham - Maybe it does not seem strange to others, but it seems odd to me that business schools do not teach financial and economic history. To the extent those subjects are taught, they generally take place[…]

Is the Trend Your Friend?

By Zev Abraham - “Prediction is hard. Especially about the future.” – Dr. Nils Bohr, the Father of Quantum Physics Investing is not easy and sometimes its thankless, even when you are correct. Last month we wrote[…]


By Zev Abraham - Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a methodology widely used in engineering, quality control, accident analysis and epidemiology. Although not familiar with the term until recently, it came up several[…]

The Shopping List

By Zev Abraham - New Rochelle, New York is a small city about 25 minutes north of Manhattan. My family has called it home for many years. I and my wife attended the local public high school pictured below. After the[…]

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