Investment decisions, their genesis, and our thinking behind them.

Experience Matters


By Zev Abraham - There is a famous, albeit unconfirmed story about Walter Wriston, the CEO of Citibank from 1965-1984.  Presumably a young trader on the bank’s bond desk lost $25 million in a trade on one[…]

Is There Gold in Them Thar Hills?

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By Zev Abraham - Gold mining dates back to pre-history as gold has been coveted by man since before recorded time.  Its physical beauty, rarity and ease of manipulation into ornaments is likely what created its[…]

Substitute Goods

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By Zev Abraham - Freshman year in college is a seminal experience for many Americans fortunate enough to be able to afford it.  For most, it’s the first time living away from one’s parents and therefore experiencing[…]

Amazon: Tastes Great and Less Filling?

POSTED ON November 8th - POSTED IN

By Zev Abraham - If you read the financial press you frequently come across the debate of value versus growth investing. We are value investors.  The standard definition of a value investor is one who buys stocks[…]

Here's to You Mrs. Robinson

POSTED ON October 11th - POSTED IN Commodities

By Zev Abraham - Early in my career, during the dot com boom, I covered energy and chemical stocks for a large asset manager.   In those days everyone on Wall Street and in much of the rest of the country was[…]