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Eyes on the Prize

By Lewis Johnson - The story of struggle, of hard work in a time of great adversity which leads through travail to eventual triumph, is an eternal human story. In all cultures and in all languages we can find examples[…]


POSTED ON May 13th - POSTED IN Gold, Risk, Relative Value of Gold (and Credit)

By Lewis Johnson - Greece and its crumbling finances have been in the press constantly of late. The day of decision for Greece appears to be approaching quickly with the latest news that the country is raiding its IMF[…]

The Art of Contrary Thinking

POSTED ON May 6th - POSTED IN Thinking About the Future

By Lewis Johnson - The business of investing is a strange business. It utilizes all the modern tools that one would expect: computers, spreadsheets, detailed financial modeling, earnings forecasts, research trips and[…]

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