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Trumpnomics on International Trade: The Times They Are a Changing

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion Do not underestimate the determination of the incoming Trump Administration to overturn the established norms of international trade. Don’t be surprised if, at the first opportunity,[…]

Navigating Confused Seas

POSTED ON December 15th - POSTED IN Risk, Cycles

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion As next year progresses, investors may find the markets tossed by the confused seas of conflicting cycles: the upcycle of the 40 month inventory cycle and the looming downcycle of[…]

Bearish to Bullish: Opportunities in Steel

POSTED ON December 1st - POSTED IN Cycles, Commodities

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion Our bearish outlook on the steel industry in mid-2014 helped us to avoid the huge declines in steel equities, some as high as 85%, that followed in the wake of the inventory cycle[…]

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