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Remember Your Micro to Avoid Investing Mistakes

POSTED ON April 20th - POSTED IN Prices Allocate Resources

By Lewis Johnson - Chief conclusion A deep understanding of microeconomics can help investors avoid mistakes.

Demystifying the Business Cycle

POSTED ON June 17th - POSTED IN Prices Allocate Resources, Cycles, Indicators

By Lewis Johnson - The rainy season is well underway here in sunny South Florida. Each day I can confidently predict that the weather will be hot and humid with a good chance of afternoon showers. I can even track by[…]

Unexpected Change

By Lewis Johnson - The game of poker shares many similarities with investing. They are both odds driven endeavors where it pays to be logical. The margin of victory is often slim! If you play the game of poker long[…]

Contango Fandango

POSTED ON March 4th - POSTED IN Prices Allocate Resources, Bottom Up Analysis

By Lewis Johnson - This week I read Ghost Boy, the autobiography of a young man, Martin Pistorius, who contracted a rare disease that left him unable to move or communicate for nine years. Trapped in his own mind he[…]

Crude Oil's Black Friday

POSTED ON December 3rd - POSTED IN Prices Allocate Resources

By Lewis Johnson - “The unfortunate features of the oil history of Pennsylvania have been repeated in the later history of almost every other producing region. There has been the same instability in the industry, the[…]

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