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Valuation is Destiny

POSTED ON May 16th - POSTED IN Gold, Commodities, Commodity, technology, Podcast

By Lewis Johnson - What's a Wile E. Coyote moment? And what can gold-hitting all-time highs tell us about trends in global commodity markets?

Real Estate Software Eats the World?

POSTED ON December 10th - POSTED IN technology, real estate, software

By Lewis Johnson - CHIEF CONCLUSION Our research team believes it has identified a rare and powerful investment opportunity in real estate software to potentially profit from the multi-year real estate upcycle it[…]

Tech Valuations Party Like It's 1999

POSTED ON February 20th - POSTED IN Thinking About the Future, technology

By Lewis Johnson - CHIEF CONCLUSION It should come as no surprise to our long-term readers that, when equity valuations become extended in our view, our research team grows more cautious. Our team finds itself at such[…]

Homer's Iliad

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion I drew two conclusions from my re-reading of Homer’s classic “Iliad” during my family’s annual vacation to the mountains. First, the importance of spending our time, our most[…]

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