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Lewis Johnson

Lewis Johnson
Co-Chief Investment Officer at Capital Wealth Advisors and author of Trends & Tail Risks.
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Valuation is Destiny

POSTED ON May 16th - POSTED IN Gold, Commodities, Commodity, technology, Podcast

By Lewis Johnson - What's a Wile E. Coyote moment? And what can gold-hitting all-time highs tell us about trends in global commodity markets?

The Bizarro World of Chinese Real Estate

POSTED ON November 5th - POSTED IN Credit, Risk, yield curve, trends

By Lewis Johnson - CHIEF CONCLUSION There are two reasons why you should care about the ongoing meltdown of China’s overindebted property developers. The first is that, in my opinion, these debt-driven companies are at[…]

Buy Your Winter Coat in the Summer – When it’s on Sale!

POSTED ON September 2nd - POSTED IN yield curve, interest rates, liquidity, Central Banking

By Lewis Johnson - CHIEF CONCLUSION Investments that could be considered “safe” have changed over time. One key driver of this change is how our financial authorities, in particular the world’s central bankers, have[…]

Déjà Vu All Over Again

POSTED ON August 12th - POSTED IN energy

By Lewis Johnson - CHIEF CONCLUSION California’s well-intentioned “clean energy” policies are only just starting to bear the first of the bitter fruits of unanticipated consequences we expect for the state’s[…]

The Real Bond King

POSTED ON July 1st - POSTED IN Bonds, inflation, deflation

By Lewis Johnson - CHIEF CONCLUSION The inflation versus deflation debate is one of the most important of our time to the financial markets. It impacts interest rates, which are the key to valuing all financial assets.[…]

Lewis Johnson
Chief Investment Officer

Author of Trends & Tail Risks

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