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Understanding Life Forwards

POSTED ON July 29th - POSTED IN Thinking About the Future

By Lewis Johnson - We live in a complex financial world. How to make sense of it? I have adopted the practice of studying indicators to help me quantify important financial relationships and to ask better questions.[…]

Sidney Homer: Father of Modern Bond Research

POSTED ON July 22nd - POSTED IN Bonds, Credit

By Lewis Johnson - Every day it seems I am reminded that there are so many things that investors must understand if they hope to navigate the markets safely and profitably. One thing is clear: an investor can never[…]

Greece: War of Creditors vs. Debtors

POSTED ON July 15th - POSTED IN Risk

By Lewis Johnson - It seems as if I have been writing about Greece forever! But events there do continue to demand attention. Make no mistake: Greece is on the front lines of global over-indebtedness which is why it’s[…]

Contagion: Fog of War?

POSTED ON July 8th - POSTED IN Risk, Contagion

By Lewis Johnson - Writing these weekly research pieces is often a revealing journey for me. I start by surveying the world for the most noteworthy events about which I am concerned. As I winnow and sift my thinking, I[…]

Contagion Revisited


By Lewis Johnson - Big changes are afoot in the markets. It’s time to pay attention! While Greece is very much all over the headlines these days – current events impact far more than Greece. We care about Greece[…]

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