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Secular Trends Uniting?

POSTED ON February 25th - POSTED IN Thinking About the Future

By Lewis Johnson - Investing is about anticipating and profiting from change. But change can be hard to spot. Often the biggest changes are the ones that are the hardest to see. Of course, it is these huge unexpected[…]

The Power of Continuous Learning

POSTED ON February 18th - POSTED IN Risk

By Lewis Johnson - History is filled with fascinating people. The most interesting of these, to me, are those who strove hard, refused to quit, and always kept learning. These people are my inspiration – not because[…]

Greece: The Bank's Problem?

POSTED ON February 11th - POSTED IN Credit

By Lewis Johnson - We have been writing frequently about the unfolding problems in Greece since we highlighted the rising political risks there beginning in May of 2014, a full nine months ago. As so often happens, the[…]

Negative Interest Rates?

POSTED ON February 4th - POSTED IN Bonds, Credit

By Lewis Johnson - I am deeply curious about many things. I have always been driven to keep digging until I can understand why events happen as they do. My curiosity drives me to read a wide range of topics. Science is[…]

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