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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bond

POSTED ON November 30th - POSTED IN Bonds, Credit

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion Evidence continues to accumulate globally that the secular bull market in bonds is alive and well. We discuss the most recent data that includes Europe’s first negative yielding[…]

Research Trip to Ireland Suggests Europe’s Financial Problems Are Not Over

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion Our recent research trip to Ireland’s “Kilkenomics” Conference strengthens our belief that the recent lull in Europe’s ongoing sovereign debt crisis will prove temporary. Countries[…]

Don't be a Turkey!

POSTED ON November 2nd - POSTED IN Portfolio Construction for a Challenging World

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion Portfolios fail when discipline fails. I believe the best discipline is to create a detailed financial plan and use its goals and constraints as the guidelines to construct a[…]

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