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The Constant of Change

POSTED ON April 29th - POSTED IN Cycles

By Lewis Johnson - History is full of helpful lessons for investors. If only we would heed them! Of course there is so much in the broad sweep of history – upon what should we focus our attention? I have long been an[…]

Why Credit Matters

POSTED ON April 22nd - POSTED IN Credit, Indicators

By Lewis Johnson - I have always been a very curious person. I can’t help but research and study some of the most paradoxical issues in the market. My goal is always a deeper understanding of how the financial world[…]

"Seeing the Ball" Clearly: The Value of a Cogent and Controversial Narrative

By Lewis Johnson - Baseball is back! With the return of April and the rainy season here in south Florida, baseball has returned. As thoughts turn to baseball, I am reminded of the epic 1991 season for the Atlanta[…]

Pay Attention to What "Shouldn't" be Happening

POSTED ON April 1st - POSTED IN Credit, Thinking About the Future

By Lewis Johnson - I have learned a number of important lessons in my investing career. One of the most important lessons was to pay close attention to events in the market that did not seem to make sense. Oftentimes[…]

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