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Rhyming History

POSTED ON November 1st - POSTED IN Cycles, yield curve

By Lewis Johnson - CHIEF CONCLUSION "History doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme." - Mark Twain Financial markets look ahead. Wait for the news and you may fall behind the biggest moves. It appears we are now very deep[…]

Noseless Statues

POSTED ON October 18th - POSTED IN

By Lewis Johnson - CHIEF CONCLUSION We think that a disciplined investment process is the investor’s most valuable tool in a cyclical, changing world.  

Homer's Iliad

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion I drew two conclusions from my re-reading of Homer’s classic “Iliad” during my family’s annual vacation to the mountains.  First, the importance of spending our time, our most[…]

Swimming Naked

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion A month ago, we explained George Soros’ “reflexivity” to help explain why we thought more weakness lay ahead for many emerging markets.  Since then Argentina’s currency has collapsed[…]

The Right Side of History

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion We think that at the heart of our growth lies a simple, old school focus:  helping families with their financial problems.

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