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Swing and a Miss

POSTED ON July 11th - POSTED IN Bonds, Bond Market, Gold, Relative Value of Gold (and Credit)

By Lewis Johnson - CHIEF CONCLUSION One of the biggest investment surprises in recent memory has taken place in two important markets over the past year or so: rallies in the price of gold and that of the U.S.[…]

Big Problems Start Small

POSTED ON May 21st - POSTED IN Bond Market, Greece

By Lewis Johnson - Last week the Greek bond market took a beating after almost two full years of constant improvement.  This week’s Trends and Tail Risks explains why you should care and what we are watching for next. […]

Bond Market Clues

POSTED ON May 14th - POSTED IN Bond Market

By Lewis Johnson - Investing wisely is challenging. But better information helps. Knowing is better than guessing!

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