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Jack Laporte's Biggest Investment Mistake

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion Once you identify a great investment idea, the most important thing you can do is to remain patient. Learning from the Best - Jack Laporte. A Great Investor and Wonderful Person The[…]

Avoid the Monkey Trap

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion Today’s “Trends and Tail Risks” is about what happens to leadership stocks when confidence flees, and bull markets turn into bear markets, which has taken place on average every nine[…]


By Lewis Johnson - CHIEF CONCLUSION Our goal is not to create “set it and forget it” portfolios but rather to proactively navigate a changing cycle. Because we do our own research in house, this means we are ready to[…]

RIP Coalmine Canary

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion We believe that our prudent investors benefit from thoughtful research. Why? Because when markets become threatening a deep analytical toolbox gives investors more tools to manage[…]

Fearless Twenty-Six-Year Olds

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion Our valuation discipline is at the heart of how we manage portfolios. Why? Because if you pay too much even for a good company, you can “be right” about the future and still lose[…]

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