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Jack Laporte's Biggest Investment Mistake

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion Once you identify a great investment idea, the most important thing you can do is to remain patient. Learning from the Best - Jack Laporte. A Great Investor and Wonderful Person The[…]


By Lewis Johnson - CHIEF CONCLUSION Our goal is not to create “set it and forget it” portfolios but rather to proactively navigate a changing cycle. Because we do our own research in house, this means we are ready to[…]

Old Dog, New Tricks?

POSTED ON May 17th - POSTED IN Art of Valuation, Thinking About the Future

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion The world’s best investors are constantly learning, constantly trying to expand their circle of competence to make better decisions. Today I explain a recent revelation I had when I[…]

RIP Coalmine Canary

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion We believe that our prudent investors benefit from thoughtful research. Why? Because when markets become threatening a deep analytical toolbox gives investors more tools to manage[…]

Something's Gotta Give: High Political Uncertainty vs. Low Financial Uncertainty

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion Rising political risks combined with worsening credit quality and central bank tightening are among the most important themes for investors to consider when making capital allocation[…]

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