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Hurricane Irma and the Limits of Prediction

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion Hurricane Irma gave all of us in southwest Florida a real world example of the limits of prediction. In life as in the financial markets, we believe it’s better to beat the rush and[…]

Investing is a Team Sport

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion One needs to look no further than the track record of the greatest investor of our time, Warren Buffet, to understand that even the most successful long-term investment strategy will[…]

The Discipline of Discomfort

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion The discipline of discomfort demands that investors who seek to outperform must make hard choices, choices that don’t come naturally. This often means cultivating controversy in your[…]

Our Firm was Named the Second Fastest Growing Investment Advisor in 2016! Thank You!

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion According to Financial Advisor magazine, our firm is the second fastest growing investment advisor in the country! [1] We owe an unpayable debt of gratitude to our clients and to our[…]

Preparing for the Peak of the Inventory Cycle

By Lewis Johnson - Chief Conclusion Key leading indicators in the commodity markets support our expectation for a mid 2017 peak in the inventory cycle. Steel offers the best insight into this cycle and the slowdown[…]

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